Peters projection

Cartography was my major hobby during elementary school.


The Peters projection (1973), also called the Gall-Peters projection, is an equal-area projection, a way to show the round Earth as a rectangle while keeping all the areas that are equal on Earth equal on the map. It comes at the cost of making some continents and countries appear narrower than they are.

Its glory days were the 1970s and 1980s when it was beloved by the likes of UNESCO, UNICEF, Oxfam and the pope. Cartographers hated it, mainly because it was the work of an outsider.

It was invented by Arno Peters, a German historian, in 1973 – and by James Gall, a Scottish pastor, in 1855. And maybe by Marinus of Tyre too, in AD 100 or so.

Gall thought it was kind of interesting, while Peters thought it was the way, the truth and the light.

In the 1950s Peters wrote a world history

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