Your Daily Muslim: Buojemaa es Sahly

Your Daily Muslim

Leftists’ heads are in the clouds, completely and willfully oblivious to the grim reality the rest of us are facing. The audacity with which they deny the epidemic of Islamic rape and other violence against infidels is astounding. One such Italian liberal, however, learned the truth the hard way. The woman, a social worker (typical leftist profession), attended a “multi-ethnic” party with her boyfriend. The fact that people advertise parties as “multi-ethnic” is ridiculous in itself; who cares what ethnicity/ethnicities your friends and associates are?! Seriously, racism is stupid in all forms, whether exclusion or forced “inclusion” like this party. The liberals likely threw the event to make themselves feel proud of how “tolerant” they were or some crap like that. The unsuspecting woman and her boyfriend decided to spend the night with a new Muslim friend of theirs they met at the party, Buojemaa es Sahly. That’s when it…

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