Saudi Cleric Issues Fatwa Against Muslims Visiting Mars, It Will ‘Lead To The Destruction Of Those Who Try’

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Would it be ok if there were infidels on Mars to kill? Considering Islam’s twisted logic it would have to be why a Muslim cleric can issue a fatwa against missions to Mars, but not against suicide missions here on Earth. And if it should “be done with animals, not people” like this cleric suggests, I can think of a few animals of the Islamist species that would fit the bill nicely … – “A SAUDI sheikh has issued a fatwa against anyone wanting to travel to Mars.

A member Saudi Arabia’s board of religious scholars Sheikh Ali al Hemki has criticised the Mars One project which is attempting to organise a commercial mission to the red planet and has drawn expressions of interest from more than 200 thousand people worldwide.

The Ah Hayat newspaper quotes him as saying the mission does not conform to ‘responsible Muslim’ practices.

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