Your Daily Muslim: Abdul Qadeer Baksh

Note the screenshot.

Your Daily Muslim

In early October 2013, Tommy Robinson, the leader of the right-wing counterjihad group known as the English Defense League, stepped down. This was seen as a major blow to the group, and the move was completely out-of-the-blue and unprecedented. Robinson, at a press conference with leaders from the “anti-extremism” think tank Quilliam Institute, a Muslim-run group, announced his resignation and was met with immediate disgust. His new Muslim friends, however, love their little pet. Today, I’m going to examine Abdul Qadeer Baksh, an activist preacher with whom Robinson debated on the radio, and also provide commentary on the EDL leader’s exit.

At the press conference when he announced his departure, Robinson said he had become displeased with the amount of racism in the EDL. Obviously, no one’s denying there are tons of racist idiots in that group, but the fact remains that the group was not founded on principles of…

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