Unreasonable Fears

NSA-people are people. They can burn in hell.


Fear is usually the result of misunderstanding. If one wants to reduce fear, learn more. Many WNs are afraid of various government agencies. Let’s think about the NSA.

Who is in charge of the NSA right now? Does he have an agenda, what is it? Where are they located? What are their capabilities and assets? What’s the profile of the average analyst? Can you answer these questions as you sit? I can’t. I’d bet 9/10ths of the people afraid of the NSA can’t either. No wonder we’re afraid; we get all of our information from the MSM and from our own imaginations.

Every battle is decided before its fought. If you want to win, you must do the work. I wouldn’t want to fight an invincible god. But there are no gods on Earth. It just depends if one wants to wallow in fear and despair or to do what…

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