US Government Legalize Sterilization and Castration for Minors Without Parental Consent

Castration? If the elites interfere with MY agenda, they risk castration of THEIR protected groups. Avenging castration? The side with euthanasia available win will a arms race of mutilation. Hell is eternal.

count down to zero-time

susanne_posel_news_ kids-playing-outsideSusanne Posel
Occupy Corporatism

A new propaganda study promoting the population control agenda of the global Elite says that castration will assist men in living longer. Dr. Cheol-Koo Lee, member of the research group for the study and professor at the Korea University, explains that pre-pubescent castration prevents the biological shift from boy to man. Lee said: “The records said that eunuchs had some women-like appearances such as no moustache hair, large breasts, big hips and thin high-pitched voice.”

In the past, royal families castrated young boys and used them as servants. It appears that this ideal may be covertly trying to make a comeback. Research into “families” of castrated men in the ancient world produced longer life spans of recorded 81 years in the years 1556 and 1861. Royals (who were not castrated) only lived to be 45 on the average. It is believed that the male sex hormone…

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