Grand Alliance Theory and Fourth Generation Warfare, Part Two: In Defense of Revolutionary Struggle

Attack the System

September 22, 2013

Keith Preston continues the discussion of revolutionary action within the context of contemporary political and military circumstances.

Topics include:

  • The unfortunate tendency of many contemporary radicals towards lifestyle radicalism, which underestimates the importance of genuine revolutionary struggle.
  • How the advancement of civilization ultimately involves period episodes of political and social upheaval.
  • The necessity of revolutionary political leadership that is capable of meeting ordinary people where they are at while retaining a long term radical vision.
  • The creation of alternative infrastructure that will serve as the foundation for both reformist and revolutionary efforts.
  • Why radicals and revolutionaries must prepare for the time when the state moves to suppress challenges to its own position.
  • Why the ability to wage effective fourth generation warfare will be the determining factor in 21st century revolutionary struggles.
  • The role of Hezbollah, the Peoples War Group, and the Armed Forces of the Colombian Revolution…

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