Potential Social Media Holocaust

“anti-Israel hate” is considered Anti-Zionism and approved of by the Left. To which extent do Jews have white privilege, to which extent did Jews have white privilege during the Holocaust? Questions that need to be asked.

removehatefromfb's Blog

Thanks to Online Hate Prevention Institute, Standwithus, Standwithus San Diego, Children Of Jewish Holocaust Survivors, SFI-Students For Israel, & Sign Petitions To Ban Holocaust Denial From Social Media As Hate Speech for your support. And Steven Alan Green for taking your time to join us. Finally, a great page ‘They Can’t’ for removing YouTube videos for us.

Interview with Facebook Fighter Michael Mendelson

By Steven Alan Green

Imagine a modern day invention called Facebook that connects everyone around the world. Imagine now that invention is the most successful Internet business of all time. Now imagine sick individuals and hate groups infiltrating this incredible invention and using it to focus hate against minorities and to bully individuals around the world. Tragic stories pop up all the time of a bullied teen reaching their breaking point, ending their pain by taking their own lives. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end there…

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