Meet The Guys John Kerry Says Are “Moderates”

Toiletnation, USA

So watch this video. Or just click here to start at 7:23 (where my point is made).

In the video, Al-Qaeda scumbags have pulled over some truck drivers somewhere in Syria. They talk a bit, look at their papers, etc.

The truck drivers say: “Hey. We’re just trying to make a living.”

Then the “rebels”–the ones ugly, pro-Communist liar John Kerry says are “marked by their moderation” –ask them some inane question about the “proper” method of praying to Allah.

As the truck drivers are obviously Alawite–a religious minority the Sunnis in Al Qaeda hate on general principles regardless of Al-Assad’s background–they answer incorrectly.

John Kerry’s Moderate Rebels then summarily and efficiently shoot them dead.

Resist this. This is World Jewry.

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