Dr.Dim, on the Futility of Debating Conspiracy Theorists

Yankee Skeptic

Having been the resident skeptic on the paranormal promoting internet radio station, Z Talk Radio, for the past four years or so with the last three and a half as an on air personality, I’ve met plenty of nice, well-meaning, sincere people who seriously need to strengthen their skeptical muscles.


Starting in the chat room and then moving into my own on-air time-slot, I’ve tried to set a good example of what is a skeptic. I frequently explain that skeptics are open-minded and willing to accept extraordinary claims. But we ask for extraordinary evidence, not anecdotes, not orbs, not EVP, etc. And it doesn’t matter how much of it they have, I continually explain that lots of bad evidence don’t add up to good evidence.

One fellow Z Talker was a guest on my show and he Gish Galloped the hell out of me on how it wasn’t possible for…

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