A word on behalf of the nihilists

A false opposition. By stressing the Trinity, Christians could do in Muslims and Atheists at the same time. By unqually yoking themselves to either Muslims or Atheists, Christians are ensuring their own destruction.

The Orthosphere

Mark Richardson believes that defeatists, whom he accuses of espousing a practical equivalent of nihilism, are dragging down the traditionalist movement; their influence, he thinks, must be curbed.  The reasons for this are not hard to guess:  defeatists dismiss any needful action as futile, and they thus demoralize the movement.  I agree that no group can afford to embrace the view that all its actions are pointless.  However, not all defeatists do this, while some optimists inadvertently do do it.  Let me therefore say a word for the defeatists and ask that some of us be allowed to remain among your ranks.

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