The Problem of Circumcision

Move from This Mountain

As believers, we have to ask ourselves the question: should we circumcise or children on the eighth day, according to the command?

Of course we should because it is a command. But I have to believe there is more here.  An old friend just had his infant baptized. My heart sank. Of course we shouldn’t baptize infants who cannot confess the faith. Well, then, what about these little boys? They cannot confess faith either; they don’t get a choice. Why do I object to infant baptism but not to circumcision?

Is the only difference is what God hath said in Genesis 17?

The strangest thought came to me as I read this covenant again: circumcision marks Abraham’s household. It’s a tracking device. How can Abraham be sure the uncountable descendents are his when, as I believe, he meets them? They’re all circumcised. It’s evidence that God fulfilled his end of…

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