Circumcision in the news again

Interesting discussion.


I see that circumcision is in the news again, recently.

At the Atlantic, a recent article argues, from data, that circumcision appears to be on the decline.

On the other hand, a ritual surrounding circumcision in its Orthodox Jewish form has recently become an issue in New York City politics (see here and here), with mayoral candidates even staking out positions on the subject (see also here).

Circumcision is an issue that will probably never die; at least, not any time soon, anyway.

I don’t know whether or not I can say I’m completely neutral on the matter of circumcision of newborns, but I’m certainly on the fence, if that counts as neutral.

I am myself circumcised, and don’t think my parents did me wrong in circumcising me; they certainly didn’t ‘abuse’ me, IMO, and I have previously, in the manosphere, defended the legal right of parents to…

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