Notes on xPraetorius

This discussion is interesting. Thus a reblog.


I have not written a blog post since Tuesday. Instead I have been commenting and moderating the “Was Hitler evil?” thread. In the post I took the moral reasoning that White Americans apply to their own history and applied it to Hitler and the Holocaust to show how broken it is.

Enter xPraetorius, who on his own blog said:

… Abagond’s premise is that I’m a racist by virtue of the color of my skin. That’s offensive, racist, vile, outrageous, disgusting. At the VERY least it’s rude. When Abagond tried — hard — to equate Hitler with white people and white people with Hitler, he was at the VERY LEAST rude.

To defend the honour of white people on my blog he proceeded to use some of the very same broken moral reasoning. Unironically. Missing the point.

So, while this stuff is still fresh in my mind, some notes:

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