When peace is war

When I aired a year ago the idea that Gentile men could marry Jewish women, but not the other way around, Mindweapons in Ragnarok, freaked out, and banned me from his blog. Now he wants even Jewish men to marry Gentile women. Weird.

Jewamongyou's Blog

Not long ago I received a request from Avaaz.com to sign a petition for a Palestinian activist.  The petition states:

Days ago I went to Hebron in the occupied West Bank and met Issa Amro, a soft-spoken, Gandhi-quoting Palestinian. The Israeli government considers him a dangerous man.

So dangerous that he was locked up in March for joining Israeli and Palestinian women to peacefully protest a segregationist policy that bars most Palestinians from even walking down the main market street of Hebron, a Palestinian city. And this month, just as I arrived to meet him, he was taken away in handcuffs by Israeli soldiers and when he was released he was laid out on a stretcher, beaten and bruised.

Issa is dangerous because he’s committed to a dangerous idea: growing a powerful nonviolent movement for freedom that’s reviving hope in Palestine. And he isn’t alone. I met inspiring Palestinians…

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