Your Daily Muslim: Abdul Shukor bin Haji Husin

Other, non-Muslim Abrahamic religions also look askance to yoga, so unique his position isn’t.

Your Daily Muslim

Abdul Shukor bin Haji Husin is a member of Malaysia’s National Fatwa Council. The Council, unlike what its name would suggest, isn’t about fat people – a fatwa is an edict issued by an Islamic religious authority. However, the Council is apparently in favor of people being fat – Husin, after consulting with the other councilmen, issued a fatwa condemning yoga.

“Yoga is forbidden for Muslims. The practice will erode their faith in the religion.” While yoga is a part of the Hindu faith, it has been adopted by members of all faiths as a relaxation technique. Husin claimed that common yoga practices like chanting, meditation, and what he dubbed “worshipping” were dangerous to Muslims’ iman (faith) to back up his assertion that yoga can “destroy the faith of a Muslim.” Yes, because bizarre acts of contortion in a group setting led by a hippie with armpit hair as long…

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