Hugs in white nationalism?

No Christianity, no pagan-ish religious pluralism, no “secularism”. White Euro UMMAH? We know where this is leading, don’t we? Islam-on-its-head…

The West’s Darkest Hour

by Benjamin Noyles

big hugStarting with what to my understanding is the origin of a recent dispute, the appearance of RPN (Canada) President, Sebastian Ernst Ronin, on The White Voice (79:00). Sebastian: “Matt Heimbach is within the White Nationalist community, or Ethno Nationalist community, is a staunch Christian… He will always frame his perception of the world as a Christian”—this forming part of his wider argument that there needs to be an intellectual street fight where differences of opinion are hashed out in blunt terms. In a follow up Traditionalist Youth Hour – 2013-06-24 hosted by Matt Parrot and Matt Heimbach, this was also identified as the source of contention, and so will begin with that.

Both parties have completed a consensus on the “debate”—I don’t think Heimbach would actually disagree with Seb’s point that he is a Christian first, and that it is ideological.

I believe these are…

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4 thoughts on “Hugs in white nationalism?

        1. How does Islam differ from Christianity aside from explicitly allowing wars of conquest? How does Dual Seedline Christian Identity differ from Judaism aside from who the Chosen People are?

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