Greg’s “The gay marriage controversy”

Traditional Catholic reasoning by blogger “M”.

The West’s Darkest Hour

“The gay marriage controversy

by blogger “M”

GregJohnsonMysteryManWithQuestionMarkGreg Johnson states that homosexuality is not unnatural because it exists in nature. This is a very simplistic naturalism, and one that avoids the issue of morality inherent in human action.

First, not every “thing” that exists is natural, nor can every thing be said to exist “in nature.” If it were so, then the word “natural” would not have significant meaning. Nature, or natural things, necessarily excludes artifacts, and abstractions such as universals and mathematics (compare De Anima 402a 4-10). In this context, sexual activity is not a thing, such as a plant or a rock, but rather exists as a drive or inclination toward an end that can be meaningfully said to be either natural, or unnatural. Sexual activity can be deemed natural inasmuch as the act participates in achieving its inherent or essential end, or purpose. It is unnatural…

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