The Positive Side to Syria

Demonstrators in Turkey Shi’ites? A year ago, I predicted the war in Syria would end the world as we know it.

Beyond the Cusp

Everyone around President Obama, the Pentagon, State Department and anywhere else that the news of the horrors taking place in Syria and the neighboring nations has reached are seeking desperately to find anything positive, anything the slightest bit positive. The main root of the difficulty is that any hope of something positive that might be salvaged from the Syrian Civil War disappeared once it ceased being solely a Syrian conflict and became a regional conflict which threatens to spread and engulf the entire Middle East. Since the Syrian Civil War morphed into a greater struggle for preeminence of the Muslim World between the Shiites and Sunnis, there has raised growing demonstrations throughout Turkey demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Erdogan. These are not the typical demonstrations that have been witnessed in the past where the Kurds were demanding human rights and independence. These demonstrators are mostly Shiites and there have…

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