Christian Marriage

During slavery did white women have sex with black slaves?


Yes, many white women did sleep with their husband’s slaves although this was not a practice that was openly encouraged by their husbands. It was also not a practice that was socially acceptable or a subject that women discussed with each other due to the social taboo associated with women involved in fornication, so it was done very discreetly.

What many people are not aware of is that the U.S. slave trade, which occurred between 1619-1865, happened during a period when many women were also viewed as property and therefore they didn’t really have a strong voice in the social climate at the time. However, the white men of that era were not restricted by the negative social attitudes that were expressed towards slaves and women.

Although, it should never be thought that white women ever experienced the sub-quality life, the torture, the disdain and the disregard for their God-given inalienable human rights that black slaves were subjected to. For example, many white slave owners forcefully had sex with their black female slaves against their will and desire, which today would be considered rape. White women on the other hand, were never subjected to the repeated rapes, beatings, physical abuse, and the impregnation that black female slaves had to endure by white male slave owners.

Comment: Oh yes, they were. It was called Christian marriage. And Black men were subject to lynchings and castrations, while Black women weren’t.

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