Violent #UAF Abuse Ex British Soldiers #walkforlee #casualsunited #evf #sea #nwi #manchester

NWO eating itself. Neo-conservatism clashing with the need to fight Islamophobia.


This has been reblogged from the British Patriots Society website.

Violent UAF Abuse Ex British Soldiers <— click to read full article with pictures.

What I read in that article is absolutely disgusting. I will repost his statement here so you can read:

Saturday 1st June 2013 Manchester City Centre

On Saturday 1st June 2013, I, Richard Walker, under no political or religious agenda decided to go to Manchester and observe the advertised tribute to Drummer Lee Rigby, of which I became aware of through social media. Under the impression this was to be an EDL march, my only intention was to watch and observe (be nosey). On arriving to the muster point of the event, I quickly came to the understanding that the so-called march was in fact a silent walk for people of all beliefs and backgrounds to join in solidarity to tribute a fallen soldier side-by-side in…

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