Osama bin Laden Predicted Obama’s War on the 4th Amendment

They evolve, we evolve.

Attack the System

By Michael Scheuer

More than a decade ago, Osama bin Laden appeared in a brief video to speak about several issues. One of them was to advise the Islamic world that they should expect the U.S. military to be defeated by Islam, the Taleban, and its allies in Afghanistan. The other was to suggest that Muslims should be prepared to watch the U.S. government strangle the civil liberties of Americans in the name of prosecuting its war against the Islamist mujahedin.

A dozen years on, the late-al-Qaeda chief’s first prediction has come true. The U.S. military is leaving Afghanistan after an utter defeat inflicted on it by America’s two most lethal enemies, the Islamist Mujahedin and Barack Obama’s administration.

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One thought on “Osama bin Laden Predicted Obama’s War on the 4th Amendment

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