Minus times minus equals plus

Yesterday an “Anti-Fascist” was killed.  As psycho admits, this is a war, and in a war people get wounded and killed. However, he was also a gay activist. As long as White Nationalists take an uncompromising attitude towards homosexuality, they force people to take such positions. Just like homophobic Muslims force people to become like Alfred Vierling. Minus times minus equals plus. Thus, if you hate homosexuals for not having children, and hate Jews for depressing the non-Jewish/non-Muslim White birthrate (Xorg birthrate), a Jewish homosexual like psycho is a good thing.

The most uncompromising homophobes on Stormfront are Slavs. When I pointed out that this was because Muslim Turks sodomized captured Christian Slav boys, they completely freaked out. However, recently they admitted that this indeed happened. So why not use homosexual Slavs to retaliate against Muslim Chechen and Tatar boys?



And even if the homosexuals in question are not into boy rape, the obsession with birthrates is pathetic. Let us face it, many young White men become White Nationalists because they hate to see young Brown and Black men having relations with young White women. They then decide that demographic war is the only way out. Get a young White woman and make a lot of White babies. But this is unfeasable rightly because of the (perceived) scarcity of  young White women. So, before you can even think of a breeding war, you need to wage ideological war.

One thought on “Minus times minus equals plus

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