Apex alpha enabling alpha


In pre immigration sweden most white males cannot afford a family, and have been so severely emasculated by the state that most girls much prefer Muslim males, despite the fact, or more likely because of the fact, that Muslim males, reasonably enough, treat them as the worthless whore trash that they are, with the result that the majority of children are fatherless, and a startlingly large proportion of those children are half caste, how large a proportion is a tightly guarded state secret, much as in the US the proportion of mortgage defaults that resulted from loans to mestizos and blacks is a tightly guarded state secret. (In the bay area, the proportion of defaults that resulted from loans to mestizos and blacks near the height of the bubble was over 99%)

  • Yes, but the white fatherless males from neighbourhoods full of Muslims could seduce Middle-Class girls and impregnate them (easy to do as they are more alpha than the MC wussies), and shift the problem upwards.
    Also, do these girls understand the Muslims are protected by the state, and more importantly, the Antifa? So why not take an Antifa boyfriend? The same holds even for Muslim girls. Why aren’t Antifa-activists entitled to Muslim girlfriends? After all, they enable the alpha of the Muslim boys, so they should be apex alpha.

    • Why aren’t Antifa-activists entitled to Muslim girlfriends? After all, they enable the alpha of the Muslim boys, so they should be apex alpha.

      Previous to dominion of leftism with its overclass/underclass alliance, middle class people physically dominated lower class people, and upper class people physically dominated middle class people. Personal violence was allowed, but the higher your class, the more friends and connections you could call in if you lost. Further, the higher your class, the better armed you probably were, and the better trained in physical violence you probably were.

      This has been reversed, as the police just don’t particularly want to bust members of the underclass – it is dangerous and there is no profit in it, and the consequences of coming to police attention are far more damaging the higher your class.

      This leads to phenomenon of the ruling underclass – that the underclass have privileges that were historically associated with the aristocracy and high status. These privileges cause girls to feel an exciting tingly sensation in their vagina.

      See Mencius Moldbug “A theory of the ruling underclass

Comment: Yes, but my point is that the alpha of Muslims is enabled by others. As we see that women understand that they are, in fact, married to the state, and not to the “husband”, and act on it, it would be logical for women to start relationships with the enablers. But maybe we should point this out to these women, as the Antifa doesn’t act in the open. Anyway, Antifa-activists are very unequally yoked with Muslims. It is mainly Muslims who benefit from the alliance, as the Left doesn’t need voting cattle; they do not care for majority-rule; one-man, one-vote.

In order to break any overclass/underclass alliance, use the reasons for protection of the underclass against the overclass, and the reasons for rule by the overclass against the underclass.  Why do the heavy lifting yourself?

One thought on “Apex alpha enabling alpha

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