Lewis’ Law

Many Christians support Jewish circumcision because they fear they won’t be allowed to baptize their children in future. Preempt this move and ban infant baptism. Baptizing infants has the same “parental rights” reasoning as pharaonic “circumcision” (FGM, infibulation). In the nineties , it was the very same Christians who actually tried to prevent a ban on FGM in the USA. It is remarkable that it is always the same religions whose freedom those Christians protect. Within Christian circles, there are people who want to defer baptism into adulthood.

Feminist Philosophers

A recent article entitled, “Donglegate: Why the Tech Community Hates Feminism” referenced Lewis’ Law, which is explained above.  What do people think?

Also, I really hope the article linked above is mistaken about the increased popularity of MRAs.

Also also, Lewis’ Law, if sound, definitely applies to the article linked above.

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