Peaceful protests are counterproductive

Backlash: A counter-protest, led by United against Fasciam, led to violence when 100 anti-fascists mobbed protestors who were joining the EDL march

Standing guard: Police cordoned protestors off today, in an attempt to keep the protest peaceful

We’re told that if all ideas are debated openly, the best one will win out, but this fails to account for the reality of unequal power. Fascists can be very useful to those with power and privilege, who often supply them with copious resources; if they can secure more airtime and visibility for their ideas than we can, we would be fools to limit ourselves to that playing field.


The government and the police have never protected everyone’s free speech equally, and never will. It is in their self-interest to repress views and actions that challenge existing power inequalities. They will spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayers’ dollars on riot police, helicopters, and sharpshooters to defend a KKK rally, but if there’s an anarchist rally the same police will be there to stop it, not to protect it. Anarchists don’t like being silenced by the state—but we don’t want the state to define and manage our freedom, either.

Comment: It is very true that bourgeois democracy has a vested interest in upholding the appeareance of the Rule of Law. As long as “fascists” do not yet use violence, and “anarchists” already do use violence, liberal democracy will defend “fascists” (Curiously, this feature as such, the Rule of Law, is never attacked as “fascist”).  If the police didn’t protect “peaceful” demonstrations against “anti-fascists”, but started to club the protestors, even the thickest, and not in the sense of being well-formed, would understand how the game is played. In any other respects, the “fascists” do not necessarily enjoy privilege. The clearest is this when it comes to doxxing. Daryl Lamont Jenkins can do what Matt Hale cannot do. And all those Antifa-activists are well aware that their violence and vandalism is not nearly as prosecuted as that of their opponents, and would carry far less penalty. And then there is job discrimination, the result of doxxing and the like. Here again, people are unequally yoked. So we would be fools to limit ourselves to that playing field, if you catch my drift.

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