Patriarchy without patrilinearity is very hard to accomplish. Patrilinearity means that children of A men and B women belong the A people.

The West’s Darkest Hour

Severus Niflson discusses with William Finck the absolute importance of patriarchy after minute 55 of a radio show last year. I may not know shorthand but below are a few excerpts of the exchange:

Niflson: If you are a reasonable white nationalist you have to believe in patriarchy. Patriarchy defined as the male… being the central authority figure and the core of the society. I believe that every white nationalist would have to agree with it. [Animals] have it.

Finck: It’s the male who is the political creature and never the woman.

Guest: Egalitarianism, this idea between man and woman must be squashed…

Niflson: Patriarchy is also part of our history… Patriarchy is efficient. Patriarchy allows and promotes ideals, masculine ideals of… defensive measures, certain levels of belligerency that are required in a masculine, powerful society… If you do not believe in these things you are not [a nationalist].

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