Paedocrisy and Pakicrisy

Phil Dickens (born c. 1984) is a pro-paedophile[1][2] activist, operating from WaltonLiverpoolUnited Kingdom. In February 2012, Dickens led a protest[3] outside of Liverpool crown court in support of a Pakistani Mohammedan peadophile ring, who had been exposed in Operation Matrix for their grooming and rape of local native girls.[1][2] Dickens calls himself an “anarcho-syndicalist”, belonging to Solidarity Federation, the Public and Commercial Services Union and operates the Europhobic self-styled “Liverpool Antifascists”, which is closely link to the SWP‘s terrorist group UAF (both of these groups support the demographic genocide of native European peoples). As of June 2012, he was known to be working at The Triad Centre, Stanley Road, Bootle according to Parents Against Paedophiles (PAP).

Zahid Azam Raja (born 15 March 1989) is a Pakistani communist and Europhobic agitator, occupying Swansea in Wales. He is a red student agitator involved in subversive activities with the Swansea University Student Union. Despite being a communist, Raja was involved with the youth wing of the Conservative Party, acting as a “change agent” associated with the EU propaganda cell the Tory Reform Group.[1] He has involvement with NGO groups such as UNICEF and Amnesty International.

He is an officer of the National Union of Students Wales Black Students group, which excludes native British people on account of their race. Despite being a Pakistani, rather than an African, Raja has pushed posts on the internet stating “Black Pride!”[2] and supports the demographic genocide of all European nations, exposing his “anti-racism” as simply a means to push his own racial agenda. Raja set up the Wales wing of the so-called “Love Music Hate Racism” campaign, which is a frontgroup for the Trotskyist SWP and is involved in running[3] its terrorist wing UAF in Wales.[4][2] He is also known for promoting homosexuality and other forms of Sexual Bolshevism (he organised UAF/SWP mob violence against an anti-paedophilia presentation in early 2012).[4]

Comment: As I believe the age of consent should be fourteen, I refuse to call Pakistani grooming gangs targetting young women of age fourteen and up paedophiles. To do otherwise would be paedocrisy. On the other hand, the Pakistanis are guilty of pakicrisy. They would never let British lads have their way with young Pakistani women, regardless how slutty they would be. Pakistanis KILL their own “sluts”. This double standard we can safely call pakicrisy. Return the favor.

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