Mutual conversion

I’ll leave you with this dual image.


Considering how much these tribes have in common (including their misogyny), isn’t it mindboggling that fundamentalist Muslims have no greater desire than to see Jews massacred, and that fundamentalist Jews wish death and destruction upon their neighbors across the Israeli border?

If a clearer demonstration of the random and noxious nature of religious faith is needed, I’m having a hard time providing one just now.

Comment: Less surprising than it seems. During the Cold War, both the USA and the Soviet-Union had nukes. Nevertheless, they weren’t friends. Covering attire for women is the demographic/moral equivalent of nukes. As these women are equally chaste, they would make good converts for both of them. Again, why do both groups accept converts who are not equally chaste?! Their own daughters they do raise in chastity. Expansion through birth rates, and expansion through conversion, the two strategies are not completely compatible…

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