Internalized Anti-Semitism?

Genital mutilation

Steinem wrote the definitive article on female genital mutilation that brought the practice into the American public’s consciousness.[9]:292[77] The article reports on the “75 million women suffering with the results of genital mutilation.” According to Steinem, “The real reasons for genital mutilation can only be understood in the context of the patriarchy: men must control women’s bodies as the means of production, and thus repress the independent power of women’s sexuality.” Steinem’s article contains the basic arguments that would be developed by philosopher Martha Nussbaum.[78]

On male circumcision, she commented, “These patriarchal controls limit men’s sexuality too… That’s why men are asked symbolically to submit the sexual part of themselves and their sons to patriarchal authority, which seems to be the origin of male circumcision, a practice that, even as advocates admit, is medically unnecessary 90% of the time. Speaking for myself, I stand with many brothers in eliminating that practice too.[79]

Comment: Needless to say, rabbis would call this Hellenism. Is Gloria Steinem still Jewish? Or is this shit-testing?

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