Kermit Gosnell the Nazi?!!

Nazis made soap out of Jews and boiled babies alive in oil vats

In Longmont Daily Times, November 12, 2007, we read with shock about those dastardly Nazis:

“They were making soap out of their rendered bodies. These were human beings. And I guess I had never seen anything like that before. I had dreams about it for years and years.”

For whatever reason, Jewish infants were also boiled alive:

“You cannot be a normal human being to toss a screaming baby into a vat of boiling oil in front of its mother. And then go home to your wife and play with your children. This is what the SS did.”

hoax10b Nazis made soap out of Jews and boiled babies alive in oil vats

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Comment: During abortion, often a saline solution is used to burn away the skin of the preborn babies. So this is not really remarkable. I don’t think it is constructive to distinguish between preborn and born babies. Also, little babies scream a lot during circumcision/brit milah. Let us not be sentimental.

As it is strictly forbidden to substract from the Holocaust, let us add something. In fact, Hitler slit the throats of 30 million Jewish men, had 50 million Jewish boys turned into eunuchs, and distributed among his SS at least 90 million Jewish women and girls as harem concubines. Girls as young as 8 years old were penetrated. Many were clitoridectomized, and a sizeable minority were even infibulated.

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