ARA cleansing itself of rapists

Sexual Assault Accusation Against Former Antifa Leader

NOTE: Received the following message that we are now posting to clarify Michael’s relationship with the anti-racist movement:

MIKE WAS NOT AN ANTIFA LEADER. HE IS A SKETCHY SHIT TALKER THAT LIKED TO PLAY ANTIFA HARDMAN. Thanks for the PSA but Mike just hung around antifa/political circles and was just a dirtbag punk. Please clarify that… 

As much as we would like to believe that every person claiming to be an anti-racist is a decent human being (and we do think most are decent human beings), we aren’t going to turn a blind eye when we learn about behavior that is criminal.

Consider this then to be a public service announcement.

A former antifa leader from Niagara, now in Montreal, has been accused of committing a series of sexual assaults over the years, including assaulting minors. One individual posted the following in a discussion concerning the accused:

A 15 year old in Montreal and me back in Late September 2012. And many others before and inbetween. I have an ongoing investigation in Niagara against Micheal David Rosenberg aka Mike Rza. I hope he burns in hell. He’s a sick human who needs to rot in hell.

Later she writes:

I went through being raped by him in my own home. I truly believe this young girl. You can’t have sex with the unwilling. Let him see my comments as I more angry and full of raging hatred more than ever.


I keep playing this over and over in my head. I wish that I reported the rape sooner but I was scared of everyones’ reactions towards me. I would of had more evidence to of convict him and then I wouldn’t have to hear of another victim. I am guilt ridden in a way because of it. She is just a baby. I am older and can deal with it alot easier. It rots me to the core thinking about it.

Now, we understand rape is a pretty damn serious accusation, and though the source is a friend of a friend whom we trust implicitly we would be cautious about posting the claim in public. However, the accused kindly posted what amounts to a confession on his own profile:

This was posted yesterday.

So if you’re a member of an anti-racist group, please do not associate with Michael Rosenberg (Mike Rza).  If you’re a woman, avoid any contact with Michael Rosenberg (Mike Rza). And if you are a witness to any of the sexual assaults he has been alleged to have committed, please contact the police to provide a statement about, Michael Rosenberg (Mike Rza).

Comment: This is to be applauded. Many organizations and groups do not cleanse themselves of rapists. Yet, they should look at the root causes of the problem, a culture of secrecy and intimidation. That attracts a certain kind of person.

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