Hell is better than Nukes


It’s always been my contention that Christianity’s main grip on the minds of it’s followers is not the promise of some dubious reward in the hereafter; but it is the fear of punishment in the hereafter for non-conformity in the here and now.

I believe that you could actually completely remove the offer of an eternity spent in heaven from Christianity and people would still chose to be Christians and would still struggle to obey its precepts as long as you still included the possibility of being fated to endure eternal damnation and torment in hell if you didn’t walk the proverbial line of pleasing Yahweh in the here and now.

A reward of heaven in the afterlife is not necessary to Christianity in any way; it is the fear of eternal punishment that motivates Christians.

Christianity is like a strict, overbearing, parent that keeps its children in line through fear of pain.

The Christians are like pathetic children who cry out “I don’t care about the candy, daddy; just please don’t beat me and I’ll behave.”

That  has always been the rub with religion. Religion is basically coercion and control through punishment, be it social, financial or physical. There isn’t too much good going on with it and there is an awful lot of shame and fear and punishment so what do these guys describe really well?

Their present reality+fire and pointy things.

Religion is great with the punishment, awful with the reward. Heaven has never been described, depicted or sold as well as Hell.

Jews simply don’t have an afterlife, or so they tell you. The Talmud goes into great detail about the punishment of the minim and goyim and apikoroses and doesn’t have much to say about kike Heaven except they’ll have money and about 3000 slaves. I guess in Heeb Heaven, every kike becomes a banker.

Islam is The Desert, if it weren’t a Desert, plus some hookers. The Koran and the hadiths go on FOREVER about how to punish people and very little about how to reward. The Koran speaks ENDLESSLY of Hell and then Heaven is “Imagine the desert. It isn’t a desert anymore. You get some hookers.”

Christianity really dropped the ball on their Heaven. It is a freaky deaky never ending church service. No, not one that feels like it never ends: One that actually never ends. People like Augustine and Aquinas realized that Christian Heaven was pretty bogus and lame. They said every now and again there would be an interlude in the praise and you’d get to see people getting tortured. Boy, doesn’t that sound fun? It doesn’t sound morally perfect to derive pleasure from watching people get tortured, but whatever. Church+Abu Ghraib Photos=Heaven

“That the saints may enjoy their beatitude more thoroughly, and give more abundant
thanks for it to God, a perfect sight of the punishment of the damned is granted them.”
– St. Thomas Aquinas

Tertullian said that he’d be able to see the kings and queens and monarchs and merchants in Hell and that he’d get a real jolly kick from it. Christianity is insanity plus jealousy. Given the choice I think the average Christian freak would rather masturbate, would rather get a little dirty thrill from a dirty little glimpse of the Abyss than sing another song or sit through another sermon.

Edit: Sorry to make it longer, but religion is punishment based and would survive without paradise. Check it out, tell some Christian or Muslim wacknuts you don’t buy into it. What do they tell you. “WOAH! CHANGE YOUR MIND FELLA! YOU’LL MISS OUT ON THE COOLEST PARTY EVER!” They say “Fine, fuckin’ asshole. Go to Hell, burn with Satan’s spike-cock in your colon, see if I care.” Hell is the first thing on their mind, the first threat out of their mouth and always mentioned to you by the believer with some degree of a smile on his or her face.

As you all know, my religion takes it to the next level. In the highest heaven, you can torture the enemies of God for all eternity with your own hands.

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