Breaking up the big state is indeed not so bad.

Attack the System

by R.J. Jacob

“The thought of you tribal thugs “bringing down the state” is fucking disturbing.” –Anonymous commenter


rouble stirred up by Jack Donovan and yours truly at

More hysteria here.

Let’s face it, the significant differences between Americans are so great and beyond resolution that the only way to reconcile such irreconcilable differences would be to break up the US federal government by means of pan-secessionism and decentralizing politics and economics into a system of decentralized systems.

Unfortunately, Democrats and Republicans want to stay together for security reasons.

The desire to feel secure through large structural systems is a thing of modernity. There are so many reasons why people run to the state but fear is the main reason — fear of poverty, crime, racism, hate, violence, terrorism, war, being a minority, and so forth. Bruce Schneier in Beyond Fear does a pretty good job…

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