And with it, the domination of the English language. Learn Chinese, Arabic or even Chechen.

Attack the System

By Daniel Larison

photo: BMOGREENA/flickr
Throughout the campaign season, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama alike insisted that the 21st century must be another American century—that the U.S. should continue to be the world’s predominant military, economic, and political power for generations to come. After ten years of shattered hegemonic dreams, leaders of both parties still feel compelled to declare their loyalty to the vision that inspired the follies of the Bush era. Foreign-policy debate continues to turn on the question of how to preserve American hegemony, rather than how to secure U.S. interests once America is no longer so dominant. What nobody in Washington can acknowledge is the subject that this book addresses: the American Century, to the extent that it ever was real, is now definitely at an end.

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  1. My favorite political joke: Wernher von Braun – he aimed at the moon but only managed to hit London. “National greatness conservatism” somehow only managed to hit the Middle East. America’s decline is directly tied to multiculturalism – you can’t have a first world superpower with a third world population – and a corrupt elite that panders to it. An elite that contains a large number of foreigners who seethe with genocidal hatred of the founding population. If immigration had been controlled we’d still be on an upward trajectory. Without school and neighborhood integration we’d still have a good public education system, we’d still have great cities. In fact the main thing bringing about this talk of American decline is the now undeniable racial meaning of the last vote.

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