unsafe harbour

Often when Christian or Jewish morality is being compared favourably to other ancients civilizations, it is being compared to the Greco-Romans, who it has to be admitted, were not extremely compassionate, or the baby-sacrificing Canaanites. But there are other civilizations that they can be compared to –  places like Egypt. Actually, Strabo even called the Jews “Egyptian in origin.”

Starting with human sacrifice : as with Greece and Rome, human sacrifice had disappeared by the historic period in Egypt, being certainly gone by 2800 BC, with evidence before that being questionable, but possibly indicating retainer sacrifice.

Slavery: naturally Greece and Rome come off looking bad in this comparison. However, first we need to clear up something about Jewish slave practices. While much is made of the leniency of Jewish slave practices, in fact this is only because they had two sets of rules in regards to slaves: one for…

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