The deaths of four Americans, two of them ex-Navy SEALs, may just force Obama’s hand. Into mounting a coup, if it appears he cannot delay or fraud the election. Benghazi is just the tip of the nightmare that is the Obama Administration, but it is clear that Republicans (fed inside info by the CIA and Defense Department and the Military) will not back down, even if Obama wins the election. And if he loses, not only himself but likely Hillary Clinton will be going to jail. If he wins, impeachment (though not conviction in the Senate) looms and a showdown via appropriations will ensue. Benghazi did not seem to be the place where Obama’s Administration would go to die. But often times insignificant places can loom large: Waterloo, Hastings, and well, this place. The site of four changes of possession in WWII, the disaster in Benghazi may lead Obama into…

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