The Holocaust is a Muslim forgery

The Holocaust is a Muslim forgery to drive a wedge between Jews and Christians. In fact, during the thirties and forties, Muslims murdered ten million Jews in the Middle-East.

Multi-Culturalism is built on the dogma of the Holocaust, and the evil of Christian Europeans. Henryk Broder has pointed out that all the pieties of the Holocaust hide a deep running hatred of Israel. Only when more Jews come out and state that Islam is far worse than National-Socialism, and that fierce Anti-Zionism is worse than a little bit of Anti-Semitism, can Israel and the Jewish people be saved from the Islamic onslaught. In fact, the Koran contains far more Anti-Semitism than Mein Kampf. The Muslims played “nice” with Jews as a form of taqiyya, to make them betray the Christian West. Jews should remember that the Christian West gave them the right to moneylending, while the Muslim world forbade money lending.

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