Return of the Kafir Harem

In addition to the generalized effects of a high birthrate, two other consequences of polygyny which bore on the rise of Viking as a way of life were the large numbers of second, third, fourth, and later sons in the families of Norse landholders—sons left without inheritance and without land, unless they could wrest it away from someone else—and a shortage of women.

The most popular way to solve the latter problem was to go on a raid and carry off women from Ireland, England, or France, although there was also a heavy traffic in Slav slave girls from the Rus realms. The Hrafnsmál tells of life in Harald Fairhair’s court: “Glorious is their way of life, those warriors who play chess in Harald’s court. They are made rich with money and fine swords, with metal of Hunaland and girls from the east.”

Comment: Russian blondes or Daghestani brunettes?

Since, in my view, no White who supports diversity has any rights at all, I think that they and their their high-IQ daughters ought be enslaved and used as breeding stock, crossing them with the more virile and intelligent racists. There might be a temporary loss of productivity due to the removal of liberals from the economy, but most of them are parasites anyway, so the loss of some computer geeks will be more than made up for by the loss of all the psychologists, journalists, and Unitarians. And in 20 years time, a couple million intelligent young people will enter the work every year. It’s a low tech, green solution.

Posted by: Discard | August 28, 2012 at 02:21 PM

So some of my ideas are going mainstream…

23 thoughts on “Return of the Kafir Harem

      1. Fantastic piece, Oogenhand! This is the truth: leftists are the scum of the Earth! They have no rights and are destroying Western Civilization. Male leftists were put on this planet to supply a sane and just society with warm bodies for medical experimentation. Vivisection is what the male leftist is good for.

        Female leftists were put on this Earth to be enslaved. Ugly and aged ones were meant to exist to do hard labor for all their days. Attractive and young leftist women were meant for concubinage with White Nationalists and other worthwhile White men.

        Leftists are a pestilence. They need to be Pinocheted out of existence. (Though Pinochet was too kind to them.)

        1. Ignorance, maybe. The interaction between the memeplex of anti-racism and NT Christianity is more intense than the interaction between the memeplex of WN and NT Christianity. WN in its traditional form stressed monogamy, and hence racial purity on both paternal AND maternal line. This is clearly Christian. But otherwise, we could easily argue that Cultural “Marxism”, the ideological base of anti-racism, could hardly exist without firm NT Christian moral grounding. Giving “Fascists” a taste of their own medicine, and sexual morality are about the only departures. Paul Gottfried is more right than Kevin MacDonald on many accounts.

  1. So WN stresses the ideology of Hitler and the Nazis. Funny how they forget he was a Jew.
    Why bring up Cultural Marxism which is a media invented term to please the WN?
    It doesn’t exist. Why are WN desperate to put labels on everyone? Is that the only way you can understand?

    1. Very much. It is about the definition of racism and anti-racism. Should “colorblind” individualists like Libertarians and Conservatives be grouped as racists or as anti-racists? I mean, not just WNs, but also Conservatives call people like Tim Wise and Hugo Schwyzer Cultural Marxists. And WNs do not call Conservatives like Ronald Reagan CMs. Conservatives consider WNs beyond the pale. It has to do with the concept “Disparate Impact”. (As a side note, why is DI a one-way street? I mean cutting welfare is enough to be considered racist, but raising welfare is not enough to be considered anti-racist) I myself always put ‘Marxist’ in CM in quotes because I consider it detrimental to class warfare.
      Also, as we can see in Hugo Schwyzer, CM is not just about anti-racism, but also anti-sexism, anti-heterosexism, and “even” anti-cissexism, or anti-ableism. It goes far beyond mere anti-racism.

  2. WN will not call anyone who is white a racist as they do not believe it is racist thing to see non-whites as inferior. They believe that is normal. Cutting welfare is not seen as racist by anyone but the fact that you think it is seen as such does highlight your racist views. You see ALL welfare recipients as non-whites.

    1. What is wrong with being a welfare recipient? For DI to hold it is enough that non-whites are overrepresented in targeted groups. The very fact that you do not oppose cutting welfare confirms by idea that CM, of which anti-racists are part of, is a lot of reactionary $#@!, the work of bourgeois intellectuals, as well as proletarians with false class consciousness. Yes, it is a tough call for North-African Muslims in the Netherlands, voting for your religion; PvdA, or your welfare;SP. The same holds for all those anti-racist activists who do have cushy jobs but depend on welfare.

    1. I very much hope so for you. Hell is eternal. BTW the very fact of North-Africans being on welfare is used as proof that they are oppressed and therefore incapable of racism.

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