Hunter Wallace doesn’t want positive input

White Nationalism, as its stands, has four major weaknesses.

-It doesn’t take in account the asymmetry of race-mixing. Non-Whites accept everybody with a non-White father, making their males more attractive to all females, Whites included.

-It treats Muslims as a non-White race, subject to the self-destructive race-mixing rules outlined above. This makes it very hard to deal with the Islam problem.

-It parasitizes on Conservatism, taking their ideas about welfare and crime. Politically Incorrect people are more likely to lose their job and end up in prison. This also alienates the White proletariat and lumpenproletariat.

-It doesn’t understand that the Left considers them Fascists, that is, not eligible to normal democratic or even legal protection. Any non-violence from Fascists is seen as temporary and misdirection, i.e. hudna and taqiyya.

Or does he? We will wait.

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