Jew Like Me

Hungarian member of the European Parliament and member of the right-wing party "Jobbik" Csanad Szegedi delivers a speech to his supporters during a demonstration untitled "To be members, or to be free?" and called by right-wing parliamental party 'Jobbik' against European Union in front of the European Union Parliament and Commitee headquarters in downtown Budapest on January 14, 2012.

This man railed against Jewish Privilege, and then discovers he has Jewish Privilege, too! Compare this to the media treatment of Tim Wise, who wrote the book: “White like me”


Although Tim Wise hotly denies having Jewish Privilege, he acknowledges he has White Privilege, mainly in order to destroy the White Privilege of people who do not have Jewish Privilege. People with Jewish Privilege do not need White Privilege.

My, oh my, how different Cultural “Marxism” and White Nationalism work.

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