Europeans were entitled to colonialism

The Medieval Europeans had the right to decide the size of their own families. They had the right to have large families. If this lead to poverty, they had the right to immigrate to America, Africa and the Middle-East, and simply take all the development aid they needed. The Crusades were fully justified. The prosperous Muslims in the Middle-East had the moral duty to share their wealth with poor, underdeveloped Europe. Also, it was Christianity that forced the Europeans to have large families, and Christianity was forced upon the Europeans. So Europeans do not have any guilt, and do not deserve any blame. Actually, I think the peculiar Christian combination of pacifism and large families was only possible due to the Roman welfare state. Islam didn’t originate in a welfare state, so Islam had to command the Arabs to take the Middle-East. Nowadays, poor Europe and poor America deserve development aid from the filthy rich Arabs and Chinese, no strings attached. The Arabs nationalized the oil industry, and the Chinese practiced intellectual theft, and used unfair trade barriers, so they have a moral duty, and should fear eternal Hell.

3 thoughts on “Europeans were entitled to colonialism

  1. Adding or taking away from suras is a blasphemy so I won’t. I can only say: brilliantly done, true to your White Rabbit Mahdi style.

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