Why White men can’t get laid


We have a very thorny problem here. If a White man sees a Black man fucking a White woman, the alpha thing to do would be to seduce and fuck a Black woman.That, of course, is not liked by Black men and WNs alike. If the oil-driller would be beaten up by Black men, he would have NO allies, as all organized White men frown on race-mixing, especially with Blacks. On the other hand, if a Black man would get a beating for having sex with a White woman, his homies sure would back him.
In a very ironic way, White Nationalism makes White men, as a group, less desirable to women. When a White woman gets pregnant by a Black man, her children will have (almost)full acceptance of the Black community. When a White woman gets pregnant by a Mexican, her children will have (almost)full Mexican status. However, when a White man knocks up a Black or Mexican girl, her children will NOT be accepted as Whites, especially not by White Nationalists. This, of course, means strongly reduced sexual-reproductive opportunities of children, especially sons, sired by White men. In a way, you have to be damn foolish to get pregnant by a White man.

In the Netherlands, a Dutch woman who gets pregnant by a Antillian or Moroccan man, will have children that are (almost) fully accepted as Antillians or Moroccans. On the other hand, an Antillian woman or a Moroccan woman who gets pregnant by a Dutch man, will have children that are certainly not accepted as Dutch, in particular not by the Extreme-Right. This, of course, means strongly reduced sexual-reproductive opportunities of children, especially sons, sired by Dutch men. In a way, you have to be damn foolish to get pregnant by a Dutch man.

If a White man attacks race-mixing between non-White men, and White women, he will be suspected of being jealous, and a sexual loser. Therefore, the easier target is race-mixing between White men and non-White women. In particular, it would be very easy to attack sex tourists. This is not hypocrisy on my part. It is either-or. Either you attack sex tourists, or you you seduce adult women of the group that seduces your women.

17 thoughts on “Why White men can’t get laid

  1. That’s true. Let’s include White male politicians of America. They can’t have nonwhite wives and girlfriends without ridicule and scorn from the other politicians and the opposite political parties. It’s a dealbreaker for a person who is running for president. At least in America.

  2. white men are a joke! and no race of nonwhites i know like them period! they have caused global atrocities around the world them just being in someone elses land makes them a target and very good valid reasons why.

  3. White nationalists know there is a serious problem, bless their hearts, but have no clue what to do about it.

      1. Statistical evidence proves you otherwise

        Is this blog supposed to be a satire of white liberal cuckolds or something? It uses a lot of diction that cuck-liberals don’t use, yet also seems to be in a world of delusion about how the world actually works? Are you a cuck?

        1. In order to be a cuck, you need to have a relationship. I don’t have a relationship. What is my delusion about how the world actually works, can you correct me? Am I more delusional than WNs or less? Am I more delusional than MRAs or less? Am I more delusional than Anti-Semites or less? Am I more delusional than Islamophobes or less?

  4. Here’s one of several things that make me think White Nationalism is stupid. The main problem seems to be that there are fewer white women available because non-white men are competing for them. Competition for white women is stiffer. If white men were to pursue and get involved with non-white women at the same rates, the competition level would reach equilibrium. Instead, they insist on only pursuing and getting involved with white women, which causes the competition level for white women to remain artificially high. I don’t care much about “racial purity” but I care a lot about how easy or difficult it is to get laid with the type of women I prefer! I don’t necessarily prefer white women though…I’m basically going to do whatever it takes to have an abundance of women available to me.

    1. Yeah, WNs bitch about men going after their women, but the main solution of WN is to find a white wife and make babies, presuming exactly that of which there is a shortage of, white women. A vicious cycle…

  5. Growing up in California my circles were much more concerned about beauty and intelligence than race. Even though I was white, you were much more likely to be made fun of or worse if the girl you went out with was ugly or stupid than of different national origin. Not to say race doesn’t play a factor with some. When I had an African American girlfriend we would sometimes get a hate stare. Always from a caucasian, but not always from men.

  6. What you say is true but that is only a minor reasons. The primary reason is very few white men are attracted to black women, say 5% and a far more white girls are attracted to black guys, say 25%. The reason is men are attracted to more feminine women and women are attracted to more masculine men and blacks are the most masculine, Asians the most feminine and white are in-between. However, percentage wise there are few Asians so for argument sake, let’s ignore them.

    Per the 2010 census, there are 6 whites to every black and it is not unreasonable to assume that up to 20 percent of white prefer black guys. That is slightly more than 1 white girl for ever black guy. Therefore, with 2 or more girls (1 black and 1+ white) for every black guy, of course black guys are going to get a lot of sex. However, with only 80 percent of white girls preferring white guys, there are 5 white guys for every 4 white girls. Therefore, white guys that are not in the most desirable top quarter to top half of the white guys, get very little sex without getting married.

  7. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    I think White Men can get laid plenty, but he siring children is another issue and involves much investment and responsibility.

    Oogenhand, I am not sure of your beliefs, but let me say this, I am fine with WN men not wanting to accept Mystery Meat broods brought about by race mixing. That is my opinion.

    I dated outside of my race once very briefly in 1994 and would not go there again. The guy was Asian In this relationship, this man would often criticize white men and I stuck up for white men and stated that they have been lambasted all of over this planet.

    And they have.

    To me it is not about Alpha, Beta, or Omega etc. It is about loyalty to one’s line and the NWO wants Whites to mash with DieVersity.

    Fucking is one thing. Procreating is something else, as is loyalty.

    I do not support White Women going outside their race to have children. I just do not. If that makes me racist, oh well, it is just a natural instinct in me that just makes me recoil when I see a blonde woman shack up with a black guy and now they have kids that look nothing like her lineage.

    I feel the same about White Guys mixing it with Gooks.

    In the end, I truly believe that most white women and most white men want to stay white. Germanics want Germanics. Italians want Italians. It is what it is. We are not farm animals humping each other at random. White people are having a hard time procreating because we are disperse about the globe and our communities have been dismantled by the Greedy NWO oligarchs.

    There is more to life than getting laid. Fruit flies can get laid.

    The NWO Oligarchs are stupid to bring about race mixing. European people have brought about much creativity and if we go, the world turns to turds. But the Oligarchs are jealous, covetous sociopaths that are consumed with destroying Europe and its offspring at whatever expense it takes.

    I have not been laid in 3 years BY CHOICE. I could go bag Jerome if I wanted to, but really, who wants to ‘go there’. Ibelieve many white men feel the same way.

    I’ll pass on that purple poon. No thanks mang.

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