Totalitarian Atheists are more Pro-Life than Jews and/or Muslims

If you want to get rid of conventional religions, point out that abortion, officially considered murder by Abrahamic religions, made more kills than the political murders of Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot combined, and that Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot were more or less Pro-Life, or at least restricted abortion. On the other hand, Orthodox Jews have a lot of influence in Israel, yet they do not even ban abortion for Jews. Muslims commit a lot of terror attacks, but NEVER target abortion clinics in the West.

This makes all the Muslim whining about the “immorality” in the West sheer hypocrisy. They also ally with the very same Leftists that promote the “immorality” in the West. This is outlined by Dinesh D’Souza, in his wonderful book “The enemy within”.

Jews and Muslims only use abortion as a stick to hit others with, when it comes to circumcision, or the stoning of adulterers, and to increase their own birthrates. When others complain about that, Muslims say the non-Muslims should have large families themselves. But then they overlook that Muslim children harass non-Muslim children, forcing non-Muslims to expensive private schools, limiting the number of children they can have. Muslims can say the harassment was deserved, possibly, but then they can’t say non-Muslims should have large families.

4 thoughts on “Totalitarian Atheists are more Pro-Life than Jews and/or Muslims

  1. One of the demented paradoxes of modern humanity, that I remember Joseph Sobran once writing about, is that atheists (outside of fascism/National Socialism and nationalized communism such as Stalin and Ceauşescu had) seem to value life so little that they support abortion. I would think they would see life as precious if there is no afterlife but they instead tend to act like they can get away with literal murder if no higher authority will punish them. Likewise, it is odd that practitioners of supernatural religions tend to claim to love life so much. If heaven or transcendence or such is so marvelous and real then why do they care about death at all.

    Your point about abortion is solid Mahdi. Other then Christians, I don’t think anyone really cares which is disturbing (perhaps Zoroastrians care also). Orthodox Jews only care about Jewish abortion for relative racist reasons and Muslims even seen to have some tolerance for this abhorrent practice in its first trimester. Perhaps Iblis can come out as pro-life. Glory be to the Mahdi!

    1. We could even start a Satanic fertility cult around Shub-Niggurath! I think I am going to post something about Neal Horsley, a man who wanted to acquire nukes in order to stop abortion. If succesful, he would be more devastating than Osama bin Laden. Also very odd is that many Muslims consider birth control to be hidden child murder. Yet, as David P. Goldman noted, birthrates among moderate Muslims are dropping, too, especially in Iran. All their weapons, all their terrorist networks are totally useless in preventing their downfall.

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