The Coalition of Ritual

Germany’s Chancelleor Merkel has promised Jewish and Muslim communities that they will be free to carry out circumcision on young boys despite a court ban.

European rabbis descended on Berlin this week to lobby against what they see as an affront to religious freedom – with the backing of Muslim and Christian leaders in an unusual show of unity, as well as the support of many German politicians.

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Official Jewish organizations are generally pro-Israel and Zionist, so the hypocrity of these people knows no bounds.

When you attack ritual slaughter and ritual circumision, not just Muslims and Orthodox Jews, but also Liberal Jews and even most Christians gang up to normal people. Against that coalition, it is very hard to win. They will ask why circumcision is wrong, but abortion is acceptable. This creates a golden chance to defeat the coalition. Point out that if abortion is murder, abortion is far worse than the Holocaust. It is very interesting that Muslims do not attack abortion clinics in Germany, the rest of Europe and America. A good way to get all monotheisms down together is to point out that abortion is worse than the Holocaust, and for that matter the genocides of Communism, and that Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot were all more or less Pro-Life.

But why did the German government think it stood a chance against Israeli nukes and Muslim oil? Apparently they know things we don’t know. Maybe it is a plot by the Political Correct to drive Jews and Muslims together, maybe it is a Muslim plot to hurt Jews, as Muslims stick it to the German police anyway. Actually, in Israel, there are more and more parents who do not circumcise their sons.

That said, I conclude that I do not consider male circumcision or ritual slaughter the worst outrages of the concerned religions. In fact, there are non-religious people that agitate for mandatory male circumision, either in infancy, or in adulthood.

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