Why Eurabia will be secular


pennswoods · 135 weeks ago

Who cares if Islam is invading Europe by massive Muslim immigration and that the follwers of the pagan moon god of medina will take that continent over in a few generations? Western European culture is dead and all these Europeans have today surrounding them is a museum of their past which they rush by in their cars everyday or are to stoned to care about. Since WW II these arrogant Europeans immagined they would teach those bigoted Americans a thing or two about “tolerance” and race relations by opening their door to the 3rd world. It will be fun to see Islam close the bars and nude beaches and porn shops and end prostitution as well as freedom in Europe in the next few generations. Even more fun is watching how these spineless European Dhimmi’s welcome their cultural and democratic self destruction. I hope the same Europeans who finally wake up when it’s too late to save their continent from this Islamic invasion and eventual domination don’t have plans to come to live in the USA as their religious intellectual ancestorsdid after so many of their continents upheaveals in the past including from Communism and the Nazis’s in the last century. When Islam finally takes over I can’t wait to see the biggest flea market in history as a Muslim dominated Europe sells off the treasures from European museums and cathedrals and private collections…Salaam baby!
I do not care about Western European culture. I simply do not want to live under Sharia. I am willing to sacrifice Western European culture, as well as the “white race”, in order to stop Islam. An entirely new culture should be developed, in which the tables are turned. The Muslim immigrants will be put under dhimmitude. European men should have access to North-African, Turkish, and Pakistani women, but not the other way around. This also means some polygamy among Europeans will be tolerated, or else European women are left out. When a Muslim steals from a non-Muslim, his hand will be cut off.
Anyway, it is very easy to save the Christian culture of Europe. Simply import more Black African Christians. They have large families, too. A lot of the immigrants in Europe aren’t Muslims, but Third World Christians with large families.
In the clash between Europe and Islam, Europe has the upper hand. Both the Muslim world, especially Iran, and Europe, have very low birthrates, as has been pointed out by David P. Goldman, in How Civilizations Die. But Europe has euthanasia to deal with that problem. Islam doesn’t have euthanasia. So either the Muslims, Iranians in particular, adopt European secularism, or they are done. They could also convert to my religion, as it allows euthanasia as well.

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