Ayaan Hirsi Ali and internalized White Supremacism


Hans Jansen is a very important Dutch person. He wrote The Neglected Duty. That book was so convincing, many Jihadists thought Hans Jansen was a Jihadist himself.
Alexandre de Valle has convincingly argued that the USA uses Islam, especially Salafi Islam, against Europe. This would mean that Europe should retaliate by replacing Salafi mosques by Shia mosques, and support Shi’ites and Mexicans against the USA. Alexandre de Valle, and other Nationalists in Europe, argue that Europe should ally with Russia; the axis Paris-Berlin-Moscow. Russia is allied to Iran. Iran has severe demographic problems, and unlike Europe, can’t solve them by euthanasia under the current religious regime. This means change of religion is necessary.
Also, it is obvious that the West isn’t really dependent on Muslim oil, or the OIC would have its way many years ago. The Left should understand that by constantly changing the definition of racism, and defining it in such a way that only non-Muslims can be racist, and be called “white”, they make themselves irrelevant. Why should we take an “expert” on “racism” like Tim Wise, more serious than a Catholic or Jewish theologian? If a Leftist states that race does not exist and only “whites” can be racist, he is more ridiculous than a scholastic who calls the Communion Wafer to be the Really Existing Jesus Christ. We could easily counter that the example of Ayaan Hirsi Ali proves that members of the Muslim “race” can become memberes of the “white” race, and have children with them, and that the whole question whether “Islamophobia” is a form of “racism” is completely irrelevant, as the Muslim “race” won’t be wiped out genetically. If someone calls Ayaan Hirsi Ali a house n…., and someone who has internalized White Supremacism, we could easily say that our Muslim opponent is a house n… of the Saudis, and someone who has internalized Saudi Supremacism. Actually, Ayaan Hirsi Ali didn’t internalize White Supremacism. It is People of Color from Muslim backgrounds, as well as Arab Christians, who warned “whites” for the dangers of Islam! If anything, “White Supremacists” internalized Arab Christianity! Saudis treat People of Color far worse than any “racist”/”White Supremacist” in Europe or America.

One thought on “Ayaan Hirsi Ali and internalized White Supremacism

  1. I just want ayaan know abaayo I would like to say so much but I don’t know where to start. I read the Infidel and I hope that you continue writing and speaking. if it wasn’t for you the world be ignorant of what Somali and Muslim women go through. I was once those women you described and I emancipated my self just like you but not like the situation you are in. I guess you are paying the prize for speaking for all of us. I love your mind and Ayaan beleive me you are the most couragest women and bravest on earth. I would like to talk to you and to meet you one day eventhoght I don’t know how I am happy to watch your debates and tv news of you. I hope I could be your friend. stay strong adkaan waad u dhalatey waadna saxsentahay walaashey live for ever and always speak what you beleive, you made me PROUD and SURE of my journey in live I longer daught my self if you know what I mean. I love you my sister and I want you to know that there are a lot of people who admire you and inspired by you more the all muslims combined. don’t dought yourself, stay strong even if you have to live the way you live you are one unique women and my sister and I am so proud of you, so proud ayaaneey. waxaan filayaa in aad heshid messagkaan. long live ayaan, just for your information if you saw me you would think that you are me that is how much you and I look alike.

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