Muslims hold two narratives

Both Avraham Burg on the Left, and Henryk Broder on the Right, are Jews who question the importance of the Holocaust.
There is, however, one nasty side effect of Holocaust denial. If you adopt full-blown National-Socialism, Muslims will come to you and say that Hitler was a friend of Islam. Of course, in discusion with normal non-Muslim Whites, they will hold that Muslims are the Jews of the 21th century, and any criticism of them will result in a new Holocaust. They overlook the fact that most people who oppose Islam don’t see Muslims as a race, but as people who must be converted. Muslims will hold that opponents of Islam are racists, but that would mean that they would be worse than Hitler, as Hitler openly called Jews a race, and would, hence, be more honest.

In general, Muslims will equate any criticism of Islam to be racism and the moral equal of Anti-Semitism. People who point out the connections between Hitler and Muslims will be called Zionist liars. They call their opponents Nazis and White Supremacists. But when they detect someone is an actual Nazi, they will approach him and say that Hitler was a friend of Islam, and all Muslim denial of this was just to fool their enemies. Regarding the Holocaust, they have the same double approach. On the one hand, when talking Zionism, the Holocaust was made up to steal land from the Palestinians, on the other hand, when talking immigration and integration, a new Holocaust will await Muslims if any pressure is made on them to behave. Muslims want to have their cake and eat it too.

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