Non-Jewish origins of multi-culturalism


“Proponents of multiculturalism may think that they are working for more confluent societies with more tolerant citizens…”

Shrieking Banshees !

The LEFT absolutely doesn’t believe this deceit about “more tolerant citizens”.
The LEFT is using multiculturalism to destroy Denmark.
Flooding white Christian European nations with third world barbarians is a deliberate tactic of the LEFT to destroy Nationalism and Western Civilization.
Nationalism and ethnic homogeniety are some of the greatest defenses the West has against the Left and their battering ram, Islam.
There’s a good explanation of this in “Eurabia” by Bat Ye’or.

The LEFT has wanted to destroy white European nationalism since at least WWII and WWI.
White supremecist nationalism as represented by Nazi Germany but also by all the European imperial powers was seen as a threat by the third world but also by the Communists in the Soviet Union and as such it was targeted for destruction by the third world, islam and the communists – thus multiculturism.

Don’t take anythng the LEFT says at face value.
The only people who fall for “Proponents of multiculturalism may think that they are working for more confluent societies with more tolerant citizens…” are the useful idiots and clueless delusional Christians and Jews who believe this “all men are created equal” and Love and Peace nonsense.
The LEFT is using Christianity against the Christians.
Clear eyed Christians and Jews see that Islam is out to slit their throats and sell their children into slavery – and multiculturalism is one of the weapons the Left and Islam use in their war against Western Civilization.

Trying to argue against multiculturalism as if its proponents are sincere but just misguided is a sign that someone is not even aware of the real threat.

It’s way past time to dignify the evil hissing of muslims with the presumption of sincerity.
Best assume that all their so-called arguments are nothing more than Islamic taqiyya.
The same goes for the deceptions of the Left.
Their lies are nothing more than psychological jujitsu.
They try at every turn to use our own Christian charity and morality against us.

Logical arguments about the downside of muslim immigration, no matter how true, are unlikely to sway citizens of Denmark who make the naive assumption that they are dealing with sincere members of their own culture.
The Christian moral arguments that sacrifices must be made to exercise Christian charity towards everyone, even our enemies, are going to take higher priority than the possibility of psychological problems for the generous Danes due to the exercise of that Christian charity.

As true as Nicolai Sennels observations about the downside of multiculturalism are, they are of interest only among natives of Denmark who can communicate with each other with sincerity.
He’d do well to point out that muslims always have ulterior motives and are only using arguments for multiculturism to deceive the Danes and to accomplish their hidden agenda, the conquest of Denmark for Islam.

7 thoughts on “Non-Jewish origins of multi-culturalism

  1. What an interesting niche you are carving out for yourself, Columnist. Much of your Islamic research doesn’t seem to worry Americans much. I can’t think of too many sites that have European based readers though.

    1. Note also how he points out the role of Christianity. Christianity is very fierce against Atheists, Heretics and the Pagans of Europe, America and Africa, but very meek toward Jews and Muslims.

  2. Multiculturalism is a policy of the left and of immigrants who can use it to extract concessions from the host government for their community or their former country. Big business likes it as it keeps wages low and encourages mass immigration – more consumers and lower costs. Government like it as it keeps them in a job. In europe idiots believe the evil joooos had something to do with its implementation but really some clown thought of it and others copied it elsewhere. In Australia its the Greeks who were the leading proponents of it. Its just a lefty response to the mass movements of people (unwanted by their hosts) after WW2.

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