Large families

Migration is the inevitable result of large families. Having large families forced Europeans to colonialism. As long as the Third World thinks large families are a good idea, they are not in a position to complain about colonialism. By bringing Christianity to the Third World, colonialism lead to large families in that area. Muslims cooperated with Jews and Christians against population control, so they forfeit the right to attack non-Muslim Whites for conquering other countries. In the days of colonialism, non-Muslim Whites had large families. Even nowadays, Muslims tell non-Muslim Whites who complain about large Muslim families, that they should start large non-Muslim White families. But if non-Muslim Whites are going to have large families, they will again invade other countries. In the fifties of the 20th century, Dutch people had large families and immigrated to Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The Taliban kills development workers who teach birth control.

The reason Obama helps the Muslims against Jews and Christians, is because in the nineties, Jews and Christians allied with Muslims against Population Control.

 Large families make wars of conquest inevitable. That is why Christians invaded America, despite all their talk of “Love”.
The main reason why the Elite savagely persecutes stupid and open White Nationalists like Stormfront and David Duke, but protects and subsidizes cunning and deceitful White Nationalists like Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger is because the former stress large White families, while the latter stress small Brown and Black families. Not only does Stormfront want large White families, they do not want to live in poverty either. We should remember that Vlaams Belang wants large Flemish families, fully subsidized by the State. A large family shouldn’t result in the slightest decline of living standards, according to Vlaams Belang. Even worse are most large White families. They are generally Judeo-Christians, and think everybody should have large families, and escape poverty, including especially non-Whites. Judeo-Christians consider the Anti-Growth movement to be racist and White Supremacist to the core. It is obvious that the Elite, who wants to preserve Earth as their personal property, takes a very dim view of people who want both population growth and economic growth. Although Muslims have large families themselves, they attack other religions savagely, and have no problem with them being culled by birth control and abortion. This is why the Elite aids and protects Muslims against others. The Pope, on the other hand, does everything he can to prevent birth control and abortion spreading to Muslim lands. The Elite hates the Pope. To summarize, the Elite wants birth control and abortion. Muslims have little problem with birth control and abortion being spread among Christians. Christians, on the other hand, object to birth control and abortion being spread among Muslims. So, for the Elite, the choice is pretty simple.


2 thoughts on “Large families

  1. I wish we could have a world system where every man, regardless of his race, was irreversibly sterilized (perhaps through trickery) if his IQ was under 90 and the same was done to every woman who was not at least a 4 in looks and had an IQ under 90. This would definitely increase the quality of the human beings in the world and perhaps allow a lot of available land in places like Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean in the long term. Glory be to the Mahdi!

    1. It will be difficult to implement. And sterilization is said to cause promiscuity. How to prevent revenge for the sterilizations? A very interesting fact is that the victims of forced sterilizations under the National-Socialists were not nearly as well compensated as the Jews. What should these people do? Oppose both Jews and National-Socialists?

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